Diamond Mirror
Diamond MirrorDiamond MirrorDiamond MirrorDiamond Mirror

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    A combination of modern precision and exquisite craftsmanship - The Diamond Mirror achieves its glittering shine via a series of 16 diminishing facet cuts. Each facet is hand cut and polished by a master glass beveler who works at a precision level of a half a degree!

    To best present this minimal / maximal mirror, a system of high tech magnetics is applied. First, a steel plate is attached to the wall which acts as a surface for the mirror's magnetic backing to cling to. When the magnet and plate meet, the mirror is held perfectly flush and secure. The system is impervious to accidental bumps and yet can be removed easily with a little tug in the right places.  The magnetics are made to last many lifetimes, and are engineered to provide just the right amount of attraction.  The system also allows the mirror to be leveled and adjusted up to 5 inches in any direction to fine-tune its placement.  You’ll never worry about studs again.


    MATERIALS: Beveled Float Glass, Magnetics, Steel


      -  Small - 31" H x 27.5" W
      -  Large 40" H x 35.5" W


    Approx 12 weeks


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