Shepherd's Chair - Black


Celebrating the connection between earth, animal, land and shepherd, the Shepherd's Chair combines the arc of the herder's staff, the wood of the forest, and the plush of animal's wool to create a contemporary chair steeped in man's ancient history. Comprised of three geometric arcs and clad in sheep's wool, this unique seat is the product of years of meticulous testing and prototyping. The result is a statement piece for the ages. 

MATERIALS: Black-Dyed Hand-Stitched Canvas-Backed Sheepskin, Carbon-Dyed Bent Ash Frame

FINISH: hand oiled and waxed with natural low-voc satin. Oil and wax polish.

DIMENSIONS: 30"W x 32"D x 30"H, 17" Seat Height

LEAD TIME: 8 Weeks


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