Broberg & Ridderstrale for Asplund

Fleurette Eucalyptus Rug


Designed by Broberg & Ridderstrale for Asplund, the Fleurette Eucalyptus handtufted carpet is made of 100% New Zealand wool with details in artsilk/viscose. The whimsical pattern is reminiscent of the floor in a florist’s shop, with flowers and petals scattered about in a spontaneous, random fashion. The result is delightfully whimsical and especially charming for a child's room.

DIMENSIONS: 5.25' x 7.87'. Custom available on request.

COLOR: White 01, Mint Green 21, Olive 10, Pine 32, Moss 42

MATERIAL: 100% Handtufted New Zealand Wool, Pattern Artsilk/Viscose

DELIVERY: 12-16 weeks

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