Walnut Greta Grossman 62-Series Dresser | DSHOP
Gubi Greta Grossman 62-Series Dresser
Greta Grossman 62-Series Dresser | DSHOP

Grossman 62-Series Dresser 6 Drawers

International designer Geta Grossman launched her famed 62-Series Dresser in 1952. Sleek, clean lined and spacious, this six drawer case piece is imbued with a playful twist via its tiny knobed feet and handles. The result is a forwarded looking, modern dresser that's as relevant today as it was over a half century ago. While designed a decade earlier, the "62-Series" received its name for being ten years ahead of its time - a true testament to Greta Grossman's enduring talent and vision.


DIMENSIONS: 28.3" H x 63" W x 17.7" D 

MATERIALS: American walnut, powder-coated metal legs, and full gloss laminate solid wood door and topplate.

LEAD TIME: 8-12 weeks (made upon order)