Adele Wine Rack - Vertical in Copper
Larose Guyon Adele Wine Rack - Vertical
Adele Wine Rack - Vertical | DSHOP
Adele Wine Rack - Vertical
Copper Adele Wine Rack - Vertical by Larose Guyon

Adele Wine Rack - Vertical

At the dawn of the 20th century, a new age of innovation blossomed in Paris. An era that saw lace and steel as equally important and innovation and humanism blossomed in triumphant splendor. 

The Collection La Belle Époque, revisits the chic elegance of the late nineteenth century when machines, with all their strength and might, could also speak poetically

The Adele Wine Rack was named after Adele Jouet of champagne house Perrier-Jouet. The euphoria of the 20th century was manifested in fashion, champagne and spirited evenings. It was during this period that the "Belle Epoque" vintage of house Perrier-Jouet was most celebrated and it is in this spirit we highlight the libations of past, present and future.
DIMENSIONS: 2.25" W x 4" D x 7" H

FINISH: Copper plated by skilled artisans. By design, this product may develop a patina over time. A protective coat has been applied to slow the oxidizing process. Removing the protective layer may result in an increase in copper oxidation. Please do not try to remove oxidation from the product's surface. 

LEAD TIME: 10-12 weeks 

DESIGNER: Larose Guyon