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Anna by RabLabs

Designer Anna Rabinowicz of Anna by RabLabs presents a rare blend of disparate elements in a style that is truly unique, fusing the natural with the technical, the primal with the modern, and the visceral with the intellectual. She presented her first collection for Anna by RabLabs in 2002, creating layers of semiprecious stones with luxurious metals. These medleys of agate, crystal, gold, and sterling silver stand as shining examples of her eclectic design sensibilities. Recognized by the best in the industry, Rabinowicz' work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Harper's Bazaar, The New York Times, and Elle Décor just to name a few.

Rabinowicz' understanding of nature, biology, and aesthetics have inspired her to design everything from prosthetic knees and cardiac surgery devices to home decor. While not building out her brand she shares her inspirations and insights with future designers, as an Associate Professor at Parsons New School for Design.

Two of Rabinowicz’s most in demand creations include her Kivita Coasters and Sereno Marble Console Tables. The Kivita Coasters combine crystalline stone with luxuriously gilded edges while the Sereno Marble Tables celebrate the natural beauty of marble in a setting of subtly flared legs.