CH33T Chair Painted
CH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair PaintedCH33T Chair Painted

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    Hans J. Wegner designed the CH33T chair for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1957 which was then produced for the next 10 years. In 2012, Carl Hansen & Søn reintroduced the manufacturing of this characteristic dining chair.

    The chair’s mode of expression clearly reflects Wegner’s personal approach to design. It is harmonious and with finely sculptured features. Everything down to the smallest detail is well planned. The CH33T is based on the idea of creating an attractive and sturdy chair with sensible ergonomics while maintaining a finer dimension in the wood where possible. Therefore, the tapered legs are thickest where they need to support load-bearing joints with the seat’s rails and become slender closest to the floor.

    The CH33T appears visually light with a clear division between the bearing – the wooden frame with sloping legs - and the supported elements, in the form of the two plywood shell shapes. In combination with the oval seat, the curved shape of the back makes it possible to turn in the chair and continue to have support in more sloping sitting positions. 


    DIMENSIONS: 29.1" H x 21.6" W x 18.8" D 


    SEAT HEIGHT: 17.3" H 


      -  Solid Beech Wood and Wood Veneer
      -  Solid Oak Wood and Wood Veneer (with visible grain)


      -  Orange Red Beech
      -  Berry Red Beech
      -  Red Brown Beech 
      -  Steel Blue Beech
      -  Purple Blue Beech
      -  Petrol Green Beech
      -  Grass Green Beech 
      -  Olive Green Beech
      -  Natural White Beech
      -  Vanilla White Beech
      -  Silver Gray Beech
      -  Anthracite Gray Beech
      -  Black Beech
      -  Black Oak (with visible grain)


    DESIGN: Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son


    LEAD TIME: Approx. 9 Weeks (made-upon-order)