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Peter Sandback Drum Table - Grey Oak - Floral Metal Inlay
Drum Table - Grey Oak - Floral Metal Inlay | DSHOP
Peter Sandback Drum Tables
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Drum Table - Grey Oak - Floral Metal Inlay

Using precisely cut acoustical drum cylinders made by the world's premiere drum shell manufacturer, designer Peter Sandback transforms rock star grade maple tubes into contemporary works of furniture art. The metal detailing on the top of each drum table is created by meticulously hammering silver nails into the wood top then cutting, and sanding them flush with the table's surface. The result is a contemporary, clean-lined accent table that glints with jewelry like detail. Select one as a statement side table or group together to create a coffee table arrangement.

MATERIALS: Lacquered maple drum cylinder, black oak top, sawed and buffed metal nail inlay 

DELIVERY: 4-8 weeks