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Lapp Platinum Rug - Blue Green

Lapp Platinum Rug - Blue Green

Designed by Thomas Sandell, the hand knotted Indo-Nepal Lapp Platinum carpet is created by eminently skilled craftsmen from the finest silk and New Zealand wool threads. The combination of silk, wool and masterful knotting results in a finely marbled, vivid appearance throughout.


DIMENSIONS: Various, Custom Sizes Available

MATERIAL: 75% Wool, 25% Silk

COLORS: White background with Pearl Blue, Pine, Indigo, Sky Blue, Moss, Acid Green, Dark Fuchsia, Grey Anthracite, Lavendel, Dark Blue accents

DETAILS: Indo-Nepal (hand knotted 8/40) - a tightly knotted carpet with 40 knots per decimetre and 8 threads per knot.

DELIVERY: 12-16 weeks