Maison Collection Nesting Bowls
fferrone Maison Collection Bowls
Steel Maison Collection by fferrone
Maison Collection - Steel Bowl
fferrone Maison Collection - Steel Tray

Maison Collection

Inspired by the drama of pure architectural form, the Maison Collection by fferrone explores the interplay of positive and negative space via a series of nestable trays and bowls. Each piece is handcrafted from stainless steel and hand darkened to achieve a rich sense of depth. A striking piece sure to invite interest and interaction.


INCLUDES: 2 Maison Tall Bowl, Maison Medium Bowl, Maison Tray

MATERIAL: Handcrafted stainless steel with a hand-darkened finish


  • Tall Bowl - 6.5" H x 9" Dia
  • Medium Bowl - 4" H x 12" Dia
  • Tray - 1.5" H x 15" Dia

LEAD TIME: 1-2 weeks