Baobab Collection

Sapphire Pearls 9.4" - Seaweed / Myrtle


Born in 2002 amidst the exotic influences of Tanzania, the Baobab brand has come to maturity in the heart of Belgium. Today, the company's art-infused line of scented candles offers a transportative sensory experience - comprised of painstakingly sourced mineral wax from Germany, master blown glass art from Poland, and scents developed along the French Riviera. Upon completion each Baobab candle is tied with a bow and wrapped in an elegant black box. A magical gift that's sure to delight.

FRAGRANCE: A mix of seaweed and myrtle, the Sapphire Pearls collection infuses any space with a scent as fresh as ocean spray.

SIZE: 9.4" Tall - Approx. 400 hour burn 

TIPS: Burn candle until full surface layer liquifies. Do not burn in excess of 1 hour at a time.

LEAD TIME: Approx 1 Week 


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