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Otero Pendant - Small
Sale price$10,150.00
Otero Pendant - Large
Sale price$12,850.00
Liane Pendant
Sale price$11,700.00
Link Chandelier
Perle 3 Pendant Light
Sale price$5,800.00
Perle 2 Pendant Light
Sale price$4,500.00
Chord Cluster
Sale priceFrom $14,340.00
Celeste Small
Sale price$10,050.00
Celeste Large
Sale price$11,800.00
PH Artichoke - White
Sale priceFrom $15,705.00
PH Artichoke - Stainless Steel
Sale priceFrom $15,705.00
PH Artichoke - Copper
Sale priceFrom $15,705.00
PH Artichoke - Brass
Sale priceFrom $15,705.00
Confetti Pendant - Brass
Confetti Pendant - Stainless Steel
Confetti Glass Pendant Light - Plum +
Confetti Glass Pendant Light - Candy
Confetti Glass Pendant Light - Azure
Sorenthia Double Chandelier
Sale price$3,640.00
Sorenthia Triple Chandelier
Sale price$4,610.00
Sorenthia Quad Chandelier
Sale price$5,880.00
Sorenthia Grand Chandelier
Sale price$7,210.00

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