Lance Wovens

Lance Wovens represents a 25 year quest to merge Italian and American influences into a perfect balance of woven leather goods. After decades of creating premire leathers for elight European fashion houses, the creators of Lance Woven have brought their creations into the home. Italian native Stefano Bruni and his American wife, Anne Arnold, started Lance Wovens in 2011 as a new enterprise from seasoned designers. Bruni explains, “The idea behind Lance was the merging of two cultures…. Americans have powerful symbols that Italians love, like a flannel shirt, a Hudson Bay blanket, a pair of jeans. These are age-old American traditions that inspired our line.” More recently the design duo has explored the drama and nuance of metallic lather through their finely woven pillow collections entitled Bling and Mini Bling. With bold, luxurious and even playful pieces like these… the future never shone so bright!