Chaehoon Moon

New Moon Soup Plate - Plain


A perfect accompanyment to meals of any culture, Damoon is a new line of tableware that connects historical Korean culture and craft with the aesthetics of modern day life. Each plate and vessel is hewn from Yuhgee - a traditional Korean bronzeware with a uniquely high ratio of tin to copper. This ratio imbues it with a beautiful subtle sheen, heat and cold preserving properties and the ability to be sterilized – qualities that secured its position as the traditional tableware of Korean royalty and noblemen. Furthering its historical appeal, Yuhgee goes by the name “bowl of life” due to the metal’s tendency to turn black upon contact with toxic ingredients. 

The full Damoon line  is made by skilled craftsmen with a touch of magic in Korea. 

DIMENSIONS: 8.6" D x 2.2" H, 2 lbs 

LEAD TIME: Approx 2 Weeks

USE & CARE: Upon initial use, food stains and fingerprints may be left on the Yuhgee. Over time these stains will disappear, revealing the original Yughee texture. Strongly acidic foods such as soy sauce and vinegar may cause changes in color. For long term storage, please wrap in paper or plastic. Do not place in stove, oven, open fire or dishwasher.

CLEANING: Cleanse with dish soap and a scouring pad or scrub brush. Overtime, a subtle moonlight-light pattern will appear on the bowl's surface. This is to be enjoyed as a new development and not viewed as damage. Wipe dry with a towel.

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