AJ52 Society Table 140x70
AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70AJ52 Society Table 140x70

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    With its leather-clad tabletop, slim tubular frame and solid-wood drawers, Arne Jacobsen’s AJ52 Society Table is as striking today as it was in 1952, when it was commissioned as a gift for the American-Scandinavian Foundation. The slender writing desk features a six-drawer unit in either solid oak, walnut or black-painted oak drawers, and matching solid-wood feet. It comes in two sizes – this is the smaller of the two, measuring 55" x 27.5". The conical stainless-steel lamp is optional, as is the glass-fronted wooden cabinet, which is perfectly proportioned for letters and envelopes.


    A timeless example of the Danish architect’s functionalist approach to design, Arne Jacobsen’s AJ52 Society Table was conceived in 1952, at the peak of his career. Jacobsen harnessed new techniques and materials to create the slender writing desk, which features a fine-structured leather top that wraps tightly around a tubular metal frame. A conical desk lamp in brushed stainless steel is a seamless extension of the design, as is the glass-fronted, wood-and-veneer letter compartment. Beneath the table, a six-drawer unit, also in wood and veneer, is suspended from fine metal tubes – a feature that, together with the slim frame and solid-wood feet, contributes to the desk’s air of lightness. The AJ52 Society Table is available with or without the tabletop compartment and desk lamp. The six-drawer unit can be mounted beneath the left or righthand side of the table; choose from solid oak, walnut or black-painted oak drawers and matching feet.


    DIMENSIONS (DESK): 28" H x 55" W x 27.5" D 


    DIMENSIONS (TABLE LAMP MODULE): 51" H x 19.7" W x 9" D 


    MATERIAL: Leather Table Top, Stainless Steel Frame, Solid Wood Feet, Solid Wood & Veneer Drawers, Glass Shelf Detail


      -  Oak / Lacquer
      -  Oak / Oil
      -  Oak / White Oil
      -  Oak / Black Painted
      -  Walnut / Lacquer 
      -  Walnut / Oil 

      -  Brown 2068 Leather
      -  Black 2002 Leather

      -  Right Drawer Mount 
      -  Left Drawer Mount (Shown)

    DESIGN: Arne Jacobsen for Carl Hansen & Son


    APPROX. 12-14 WEEKS