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Hans J. Wegner

CH24 Wishbone Chair

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  • Paper Cord:Natural Paper Cord
  • Wood:Ash Soap
    Ash Soap
    Ash White Oil
    Beech Soap
    Beech Lacquer
    Beech Oil
    Oak Soap
    Oak Lacquer
    Oak Oil
    Oak White Oil
    Oak Smoked Oil
    Walnut Lacquer
    Walnut Oil
    Mahogany Lacquer
    Mahogany Oil
    Teak Oil
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The very first model Hans J. Wegner designed exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1949, the CH24 or Wishbone Chair, has been in continuous production since its introduction in 1950.

With a form that is uniquely its own, the iconic CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner holds a special place in the world of modern design.

When designing the CH24, Wegner chose to combine the back and armrest into a single piece. To give stability to the steam-bent top and ensure comfortable support, Wegner developed the characteristic Y-shaped back that the Wishbone Chair is named after.

More than 100 steps are required to manufacture each Wishbone Chair, most of which are carried out by hand. The hand-woven seat alone takes a skilled craftsman about an hour to create, using approximately 120 meters of paper cord, the impressive durability and stability of which makes the chair both strong and long-lasting. The Wishbone Chair offers comfort and stability as well as satisfying aesthetic desires for distinctive, elegant form.

Over time, the Wishbone Chair has gained recognition as the ideal chair, capturing the essence of modern Danish design.

Custom leather seat cushions available for additional comfort and protection. 

  • DIMENSIONS: 29.9"H x 21.6"W x 20"D
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 17.8" H
  • WEIGHT: 11.6 lbs (25.4 lbs packed)
  • MATERIAL: Solid Wood Frame, Paper Cord Seat
  • PAPER CORD: Natural Paper Cord or Black Paper Cord
  • WOOD: Teak Oil, Ash Soap, Ash White Oil, Beech Soap, Beech Lacquer, Beech Oil, Oak Soap, Oak Lacquer, Oak Oil, Oak White Oil, Oak Smoked Oil, Walnut Lacquer, Walnut Oil, or Mahogany Oil
  • DESIGN: Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son


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