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Cane Floor Lamp
Sale price$7,000.00
Cliff Floor
Sale priceFrom $1,995.00
Cliff Table
Sale priceFrom $980.00
Silo 2TF
Sale priceFrom $1,560.00
Silo 3TA
Sale priceFrom $1,830.00
Silo 4TA
Sale priceFrom $2,190.00
Silo 2FG
Sale priceFrom $3,420.00
Silo 3FH
Sale priceFrom $4,690.00
Silo 4FI
Sale priceFrom $4,180.00
Linden Table Lamp
Sale price$995.00
Linden Table Lamp - Narrow
Sale price$995.00
Linden Table Lamp - Short
Sale price$895.00
Thin Task Lamp
Sale priceFrom $490.00
Thin Task Lamp - Desk Inset
Sale priceFrom $490.00
Thin Floor Lamp
Sale price$875.00
NJP Table Lamp
Sale price$775.00
NJP Table Lamp - Clamp
Sale price$695.00
NJP Table Lamp - Pin
Sale price$680.00
Cobra Table Lamp
Sale price$699.00
Cobra Floor Lamp
Sale price$1,299.00
NJP Floor Lamp
Sale price$1,005.00
Panthella 160 Portable
Sale priceFrom $405.00
Panthella 250 Table Lamp
Sale priceFrom $635.00
Panthella 400 Table Lamp
Sale price$1,040.00

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