Celeste Mobile - Small


Drawing on her educational background in art and design, her experience working at Sotheby’s, and her expertise as a jeweler, Antwerp-based artist Corinne van Havre utilizes “noble materials” such as delicate brass chains, mirror polished metals, and mouth-blown glass, to create unique and timeless jewelry for the home.

The full LaLouL collection is handcrafted in collaboration with skilled European artisans. The pieces shown here are made in limited edition runs and, due to their hand crafted nature, are each one of a kind. 

MATERIALS: Brass disks, tubes and chains

DIMENSIONS SMALL: 29.5" W, 29.5" D, 33.5" - 59" H (minimum to maximum adjustable height from ceiling to base)

SHIPS: 1-4 Weeks 

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