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Cappelen Dimyr - Danish Rugs With A Bohemian Twist

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Cappelen Dimyr Shag Rug Runner | DSHOP


in 2019, Cappelen Dimyr is a creative collective based in Copenhagen, Denmark that uses time-honoured production techniques to create modern and experimental designs in the world of woven textiles. Focusing on the tactile and emotive qualities of natural materials, the practice defines its aesthetic as “modern luxury that embraces slow, intentional and enduring design”, crafting singularly unique rugs and tapestries.



luxurious natural fibres such as unbleached linen, premium cotton and thick un-dyed New Zealand wool, each piece is intricately handcrafted by expert artisans, spun on traditional looms and hand-knotted, imbuing patterns, tones and textures with ancestral knowledge as well as intriging artistic references that explore concepts of strength, fluidity and visual abstraction.


Tapestry No.01 | DSHOP


are specifically designed to decorate walls. Like soft sculptures, they bridge the gap between fine art and ornamentation as they unlock the poetry of pure materials with their thick tufts of yarn, organic shapes and sumptuous pile heights.


Tulip Pattern Wool Rugs | DSHOP


rugs showcase a repertoire of artisanal skills ranging from flat-woven runners embellished with traditional Scandinavian motifs to hand-tufted designs with dense fields of warped and weft threads, each piece a captivating fusion of elegance and bohemian charm.


Cappelen Dimyr Chunky Wool Rug | DSHOP


by the ethereal beauty of the Nordic landscape, designs are rendered in soft cream and muted earthy tones. Each luxurious pieces is trimmed by hand, washed with natural soap, and dried under the sun. The production process employs no chemicals, and the line's products proudly bear GoodWeave and Care & Fair certifications. 


Shag Cream Rug | DSHOP

A closer...

look will reveal the weaving, twisting, plaiting, knotting and looping at the heart of every design, energised by its own workmanship and intrinsically connected to the beauty of the rugged coast and unspoilt wilds of Denmark. Each piece is one-of-a-kind collectible and promises to effortlessly usher in a sense of timeless artistry into your home.





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