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How To Install & Care For Your Specialty Luxury Hardware

Expert advice for preserving the longevity of your heirloom-quality cabinet hardware knobs, handles, and pulls.

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Inspired by...

everything from art deco motifs to bamboo grasses, our exclusive hardware collection is an alchemy of designer-led vision, precision engineering, and fine craftsmanship. Each piece is born of a solid brass base made in small batches, then combined with luxury finishes and materials ranging from leather to acrylic, wood to woven leaf. This high-touch approach to the manufacturing process results in an uncommonly unique collection with subtle variations that bear the mark of an artisan's touch. We invite you to revel in the timeless beauty of each jewel-like handle, knob, and pull, and with that, we have provided our industry expert tips and tricks on how best to install and care for your heirloom-quality hardware.


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  • Establish the number of holes needed.
  • If applicable, reference the center-to-center measurements to make sure the center of each hole drilled is properly spaced from the other.
  • Place a small amount of painter's tape at each drill point. This prevents your cabinets from chipping when drilling.
  • Drill a pilot hole(s) with a 1/8" drill bit.
  • Remove painter's tape.
  • Use a hand screwdriver to attach each hardware piece to your cabinet. Do not use a power drill as this can damage screws, hardware, and/or cabinetry.
  • If your door or drawer is thinner than standard, use lock washers on the inside face of your cabinetry to ensure a snug fit.


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General Care...

  • Less is more when caring for your luxury hardware.
  • Do use a damp microfiber cloth to main the beauty of your handles, knobs, and pulls.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals such as Windex or Brass-o which can strip your hardware of its fine wax finish or lacquer.


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Woven Leaf Care...

  • Celebrated for its strength and durability, our woven screwpine leaf-adorned hardware can show wear and tear over time depending on the intensity of use. To maximize the longevity of this handwoven material we recomend...
    • The application of mineral oil to keep the woven leaf soft and pliable.
    • Use of mild soap and water for cleaning.
    • Avoiding contact with an acidic based substances.


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Leather Care...

  • Our fine, vegetable tanned leather comes in Brown or Natural options.
  • Brown leather arrives fully finished and requires no additional treatment.
  • Natural leather will arrive in varying shades of light which will tan slightly over times. To speed up the tanning process, your leather hardware can be placed out in the sun or you may like to apply a light coat of Neatfoot Oil directly to the leather.


New Natural Leather

2 Hours of Direct Sun | 5 Hours of Direct Sun

Neatfoot Oil




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