Dandy Velvet 700
Dandy Velvet 700

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    Available in a rich array of colors, the Dandy Velvet collection by GUBI is designed to balance the beauty of lush velvet fabric with the performance rigors of contract use.

    Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving its characteristic expression. Because of its unusual softness and appearance, it adds a luxurious feeling to your furniture.

    This delicate velvet upholstery is a living fabric, therefore, when exposed to pressure, the fibers/nap may appear flat and result in slight color shifts or marks.

    On the curves of the furniture, the velvet can shift from lighter to darker hues, depending on the fibers' direction. Typically around edges, seams and piping, where the fibers are more spread, the velvet is more delicate and color shifts or marks might appear. All furniture upholstered with the authentic velvet is made by hand, contributing to its unique and exclusive look.




    COMPOSITION: 92% Polyester, 5% Cotton, 3% Wool


    CAL 177: Yes




    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: If the velvet fibers appear flat, it is suggested to use a steamer to raise it. When a steamer is not available, a damp (not wet) cloth can be applied on the area overnight, which will restore the fibers.

    The same result can be achieved by spraying a small amount of demineralized water on the area at a distance of 20 cm and letting it dry overnight. It is recommended to treat the entire surface to avoid color differences.

    The upholstered furniture should only be used when the fabric is completely dry. A hair-dryer at low temperature can be used to dry the area at a 20 cm distance. Once dry, stroke the velvet with your hands to raise the velvet fibers. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

    Velvet must not be rubbed vigorously, as this may damage the fabric and color


    FOR USE WITH: Gubi Furniture


    Approx. 2-3 Weeks