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PH Artichoke - Black
Sale priceFrom $14,520.00
PH Artichoke - Copper
Sale priceFrom $14,520.00
PH Artichoke - Brass
Sale priceFrom $14,520.00
PH Artichoke - Stainless Steel
Sale priceFrom $14,520.00
PH Artichoke - White
Sale priceFrom $14,520.00
PH 5-4½ Pendant
Sale price$3,126.00
PH 6½-6 Pendant
Sale price$5,886.00
PH Snowball Pendant
Sale price$3,888.00
PH 5 Pendant
Sale priceFrom $1,162.00
PH 5 Mini Pendant
Sale priceFrom $840.00
Nyhavn Wall Lamp
Sale price$2,006.00
Nyhavn Wall Lamp - Copper
Sale price$2,618.00
Panthella Floor Lamp
Sale price$1,234.00
Panthella Table Lamp
Sale price$964.00
Panthella Mini Table Lamp
Sale priceFrom $590.00
AJ Floor Lamp
Sale priceFrom $1,368.00
AJ Table Lamp
Sale priceFrom $974.00
AJ 50 Outdoor Wall Lamp
Sale price$1,514.00
AJ Wall Lamp
Sale priceFrom $938.00
PH 4/3 Pendant
Sale price$768.00
PH 2/1 Pendant
Sale priceFrom $778.00
PH 3/2 Pendant
Sale priceFrom $1,010.00
PH 3½-3 Glass Pendant
Sale priceFrom $1,572.00
PH 4½-4 Glass Pendant
Sale price$3,502.00

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