Poul Henningsen

Initially trained as an architect, designer Poul Henningsen was born in Denmark to the famed actress Agnes Henningsen. He studied at The Technical School at Frederiksberg, Denmark and Technical College in Copenhagen from 1914-17, and later freelanced as an architect, designing several houses and interiors. it was during this time that he became fascinated with the art and science of lighting design. Today, this icon of Danish design is perhaps best know for his 1958-designed Artichoke light and his pioneering work exploring the interplay of light, color, shadow, and its effect on human psychology and well being.  In 2019, Henningsen's long-time manufacturing partner Louis Poulsen released new editions of his classic designs, including the PH Snowball Pendant and colorful PH 5 series to mark the 125thanniversary of his birthday. It's a true testament to Henningsen's genius that his designs remain fresh and in demand to this day. 


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